What Do You Need Self Storage For?

I guess this is a rather obvious question with an even more obvious answer but let me list a few things that you haven’t thought about before.

Expensive equipment

When I bought mining hardware to mine bitcoin and I went on holiday I didn’t want to leave all that expensive equipment at home as I was afraid people would break into my home and take it all away.

Hiring a self-storage unit only took me one hour of my precious time as there was one professional one only 2 miles from my home. They had plenty of sizes to choose from so I didn’t have to pay a penny too much while I could go on holiday without any worries.

Home renovations

Another good reason to store your furniture and what not elsewhere. Sure you could put it in the garage or under a shed but do you really want to put your valuable stuff in such a dusty place. Or how about poor weather conditions, before you know it you end up with a pile of damage to your furniture, making the renovation even more gruesome than it is.

Someone passed away

As terrible as it is action needs to be taken to store the valuables of your dear friend, loved one, or family member. Self-storage is often the most affordable solution, even if It’s only temporarily during your grieving period. The rent of the house often continuous and not everyone has the money to keep on paying for that, no matter how bad the situation so storing everything elsewhere, for the time being, is the most efficient solution.

Your hobby stuff

I’m not sure about you but I’m a collector with tons of stuff and my wife is getting mad at me that I turn the house into one big mess. At some point, she couldn’t take it anymore and it was either me out or the stuff out. That was one very tough decision but at some point, I had to bite the bullet and got out myself and took everything with me. Little did I know that there was that much and I still ended up renting a temporary storage place. As we speak I’m making up with my wife so hopefully, I can return to her for good, with my stuff in the storage of course.

Coming home

Students that are a little further away then you wish for don’t have all that much but to keep on paying rent for 2-3 months during the summer holidays when heading home to their parents can be a little too much. You know yourself when you were a student. Did you have the budget to keep paying rent? I don’t think so.

Baby stuff

Yep, children grow up and time flies when that happens, so is all the stuff we end up purchasing for them, probably to never be used again but never say never. A little accident and before you know it you can take it out of the storage.