Use Instagram to reach a wider audience for your business and earn personally invested customers

Instagram is becoming the most popular social media platform. With millions of users, businesses are using it to get their marketing messages to their target audiences. Many brands are using marketing strategies specific to Instagram in order to get their product and brand seen by more people and to grow a strong following of potential customers who like and relate to their brand.

Setting up your Instagram account

It is easy to set up your account, however, to make it effective in marketing your business you will need to optimize your profile. The first thing that should be done is pick a username and use a logo that is both recognizable and relevant to your business. 

Optimizing Instagram to show your brand

After this, you should focus on optimizing your Bio which is located under your name at the top of the page. Before people follow you they scroll through your profile, therefore you should add an informative description that is personal to your brand in order to tell potential followers what you do. You should always include a link to your website here to boot traffic as the Bio section is the only place where your link is clickable. 

Understand your audience

Instagram is a perfect tool in order to turn passive users into potential customers. In order to do this successfully, you need to know who your target audience is and understand what they like. You can use analytics tools to find who your target audience demographics. 

Post quality content

As Instagram is a visual platform it is critical to creating quality content that will make people want to like and comment on it. When posting images you can edit them first to make them more professional and post worthy. In the beginning, try and post 10 – 15 posts so your profile looks full. People will not follow your account if it is empty and there is nothing to like or comment on. 

Engage with your followers and similar profiles

Follow other accounts that are similar to your profile and engage with them by liking and commenting on their content. Connecting with people and other companies in your industry 

Gain more followers

Growing your account following may take a lot of time. It may be tempting to buy followers, which can make your account look popular. This tactic is good to use at the beginning as no one will want to follow an account that is unpopular. However, these bought followers are fake and will have zero engagement.

As engagement is critical in growing your account as you need to get your posts seen, therefore buying followers is not the most effective approach. 

Get help in managing your account

There is another more effective strategy in gaining followers by investing in an automated Instagram Bot which can manage your profile by engaging with followers and other similar accounts. This will save you time doing the tedious process of finding similar accounts, following them and liking and commenting their content.