How to Leverage the Power of Instagram in Your Local Business

In just eight years, Instagram has grown from being nothing more than a photo-sharing app to the top social media marketing powerhouse.

Many of the world’s major brands are on Instagram, and all for the right reasons. They get to promote their brand, build a following and have a one-on-one conversation with their followers. Over time, these brands have ended up building the perfect buzz around their products and strengthened their relationship with consumers.

With more than 800 million users taking to the platform each month, you are looking at a platform that can give you a wider exposure and more sales, which in turn becomes more revenue for your business.

But most local businesses are overlooking the benefits that come with using Instagram in their marketing efforts, which is why we seek to demystify the fact that only huge brands are supposed to use Instagram.

One thing that many people love about Instagram is its simplicity and the fact that it uses visuals for a large part of the interaction. You will also love the levels of engagement that come with this platform.

So, how can you stand out as a local business on Instagram?

Make Use of User Generated Content

As a local business, you have the biggest opportunity to ask for and get content directly from your customers and other people within your region. This user-generated content can help make your business much better.

One of the ways to get this content is to come up with a contest whereby the winner gets a gift from your store. Users will do whatever you ask them to do – from sharing an image to coming up with their content to get the prize. In such a situation, it isn’t advisable to offer a single prize – make sure you give the top 20 or so depending on what you can spare.

Leverage Geo-targeted Hashtags

One of the things that you haven’t realized so far is that the people in your locality are active on social media. Those customers you see in your store are on Instagram. There are some that know about your store while others don’t, so it is upon you to let them into the secrets of your local business.

A good way to do this is to come up with hashtags that you believe your audience will use to look for you. The hashtags need to target the locality or the area, or something that the locals relate to. Using the hashtags, the people in the locality will find your store and products easily enough.

If you have no idea what kind of hashtags you need, you can check out what your competitors are using and borrow from them. Additionally, you can come up with hashtags that are specific to the business, for instance, the use of your business name and unique products can make you more discoverable.

Get More Followers, and Sell More

A natural way to sell more on Instagram is to have a bigger audience to engage with. Remember that the more followers you have, the easier it is to convince others to follow you. With enough followers, you can get more people to your landing page, which translates into more sales thus more revenue.

You can get more followers by buying them. Buying active followers is a good way to build your audience. Still in doubt? Check out the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers – Spire.

In Closing

It takes more than passing around a few fliers to get the right visibility in your region. Take time to market your business on Instagram, and you have a better chance of taking your local business to the next level.