How to Determine the Best Times to Post on Instagram

There are specific times when posting on Instagram comes with a lot of perks. These times are varied depending on various factors. Additionally, this time isn’t static for every user – which is why you need to come up with the best way that is tailored to your account.

Let us look at the best way to test and find the perfect time for this task.

Test for At least 30 Days

The best time to post won’t be evident to you in just a few hours or a week – it takes at least 30 days to get the data to help you make a decision. Make sure you post each day to get results that are helpful.

When posting, make sure you use different content types so that you get the maximum reaction from the audience to make the perfect decision.

Know Your Audience

This is the right time to investigate and find out what your audience is like. If you already have an idea of what the audience is like, you need to add some more data to what you already have. It is time to answer questions regarding their daily life, what they do, and when they are online.

At times, you have to put yourself in their shoes in order to know them. For instance, if they are businesspeople, what time are they likely to be online? If they are workers, what time would they likely go to Instagram, and for what reason?

Once you know your audience, it is time to understand their composition. You need to know their time zones so that you understand what time to put up the posts for maximum engagement. Yes, the audience will come from different areas, but the majority will dictate when to post.

You can get all the information you need using insights. Under the insights button, look for data on followers so as to see the average times that people have been most active each day. You can also check out the top locations, cities and countries from which the audience originates from.

Vary the Posting

When testing the account, make sure you try all hours. Try posting content outside the working hours, or when people are taking lunch. Test the content during weekends and weekdays to see when they are most active. Use different media types during this stage to see what media content the audience loves.

The Planning and Scheduling Stage

Now comes the most important and fun part – planning and scheduling of the posts. Using a planning app, you can design all the week’s or month’s content, and then schedule it to run as planned. Have content of all types and the right text to attach to it.

Don’t forget to sort the hashtags and come up with a few more, because without the proper hashtags, planning and research might amount to nothing. The Small Business Blog talks more about posting times, check it out for some hints as well.

The Advantages of Using a Tool

There are various apps that help you find the right time to post on Instagram. These tools make use of your activities over a certain period of time and leverage the data to give you the right posting times. The tool also tells you the highest source of followers in terms of location and country. Using these statistics, the tool recommends a few hours to post your content.

In Conclusion

Knowing the best times to post content on Instagram makes the difference between achieving your marketing efforts or not. You need to take time and research your audience so that you know their behavior. Audience behavior should suggest the best times to post, so that you enjoy highest engagement levels.