How to Choose a Wine Cooler If You’re a Beginner

Did you know that various types of wine do best at certain temperatures? I had no clue until my roommate and I became members of a wine club.

To be honest, I’m not much of a wine drinker. Sure, I’ll have the occasional glass, but when people start talking about the flavors I’m supposed to taste on the palate or the finish my eyes sort of glaze over. Plus, we won’t even get into the fact that I’m a light weight, which means a few sips go straight to my head.

But my roommate is also my best friend, and she’s always talking me into trying new experiences. So far, we’ve gone skydiving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping. While I’m the introvert who prefers a quiet evening at home, my best friend is the opposite.

She’d been talking to me about the upcoming wine festival for weeks. Apparently, this is a big event for the community. She and her boyfriend planned on going all out for this weekend affair. I didn’t understand the terms she used, but it sounded dull to me. Also, I’ll confess that I only listened with half an ear because I knew I wouldn’t attend.

So how did I end up going to the festival instead of her boyfriend? He ended up getting sick the day before they were supposed to go. It was either a case of food poisoning or a twenty-four-hour bug, so my roommate begged me to go instead.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a hard time telling her no.

The festival turned out enjoyable, surprisingly. I met so many interesting people and learned so much about the winemaking process. The best part was the fact that I found the wine for me. Fortunately, my best friend loved it too. After we did the math, it made more sense to join the club.

Fast forward a few months. Imagine our cabinets full of wine bottles, and factor in the desert heat. We needed a way to keep our bottles for a long time.

My roommate had been doing some research and told me about Cooling Wine, a site she’d discovered that talked about wine cooling refrigerators and how to choose the right one. Check it out if you’ve ever wondered about wine coolers and which one to buy.

Based on the information, we figured out we were beginner wine enthusiasts. My roommate was more committed to this new hobby than I was. She wanted the largest cooler available, but I talked her out of it. The number of bottles we had seemed like a lot to us, but we were just babies compared to other wine collectors.

In the end, we chose a beginner model with dual zones to separate our reds and whites. I never knew that they needed different temperatures, but it made sense that they would have different requirements for optimum flavor.

Once the wine cooler arrived, we filled it up with our bottles and discovered that we wanted to get more, especially since our wine club bottles wouldn’t arrive until the next month. I should mention that even though I don’t drink wine very often, we do have friends and family come over quite often who love wine.

Something funny happened once our family members found out we got a wine cooler. They all wanted one as well. My parents decided on a built-in wine cooler to preserve the look of their kitchen. When my roommate and I are ready to upgrade our cooler, I’d like something like that.


It’s been nice having the wine cooler. I was surprised at how quiet it was, much quieter than our refrigerator. I can’t claim to be any sort of expert, but I did notice that our wine tastes better than before.

Similar to an aerator improving the taste of wine, the cooler seemed to enhance the wine somehow. Of course, it could all be in my head, but the wine cooler has definitely benefited us.

This entire experience taught me that trying new things has helped me grow as a person. If it was up to me, I’d stay in my safe, comfortable existence, but then I’d miss out on so much. Don’t tell my roommate, but I’ve actually enjoyed all of our adventures.