How Much Should a Mountain Bike Cost You?

Mountain bikes can get really expensive. In fact, high-end models sell for more than ten thousand bucks. But, is it worth spending too much? Do highly priced bikes offer value for your money? What should be your budget?

For starters, most expensive bikes boast remarkable technology and functionalities to make up for the lofty price tag. As a matter of fact, professional bikers prefer them because they are nothing like regular bikes regarding performance and quality. That said, your budgetary allocation ultimately determines the model and brand you end up buying.

A reliable mountain bike will cost you around $1,500. You will fork out anything between $2,000 and $3,500 for full suspension. Nonetheless, you’re more likely to get value for your money if you take the time to scour the market for the best models. Start by visiting Cycling Plaza, your one stop shop for anything related to mountain bikes. Here, you will read unbiased reviews to help you buy from the point of information. You can also compare various bikes, brand and of course, prices.

You can indeed get a cheaper mountain bike more so if you don’t mind so much about quality. However, you are likely to spend a lot more in the long term on spare parts and overall maintenance. Besides, you are never sure of your safety while riding on rough terrains.

If you have no problem spending on a good model, the question then becomes, are there limits as to how much you can spend? Well, if you bike for hours every day, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pay as much as ten thousand grand on a top-notch unit. You may want to check out some customer reviews as well to know what others are saying about the bike you intend to purchase. With proper research, it is not hard finding a high performing mountain bike that goes for $4,000 or $5,000.

At the suggested price range, you can pick an excellent trail bike with amazing specs to meet and perhaps exceed your needs. You can easily lay your hands on a model with a full carbon fiber frame (which is relatively lighter than aluminum) and a robust stiffer.

Top of the range mountain bikes are light weight, easy to control and well damped. They offer superior suspension and have sturdy forks to handle even the toughest of trails. Most come with the innovative RockShox, Cane Creek or Monarch RT3 shocks for extra comfort and safety. You also get wider wheels with carbon rims for a better drive train.

The point is, when it comes to buying a mountain bike, you get what you pay for. That’s why it is essential to get well acquainted with the basics especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Know what it means to have a bike with certain features. The more the info you have, the easier it is to compare one model to the other. In essence, this means that you can spend your money on the unit that meets your requirements. Plus, you are sure that the bike you’re about to buy will certainly offer value for your money in the long run.