Different Resistance Based Rowers For Your Home Fitness Programs

Before buying a rower to work on your fitness at your home, you must be highly aware about the different types, resistances and features of the rowers. Most commonly people are not quite attentive towards all these facets and end up getting a wrong rower at their home. Most commonly you tend to buy one that you have seen someone using before going into the details of the rower. But as a buyer, it is really important for you to get into all the important details and then select the ideal rower that suits your fitness schedule.

You can also take help from the reviews and specifications that are available on Home Rower to be more aware while buying your home rower. The resistance of the rower is an important factor and the different types of rowers provide you with different types of resistance systems that are dedicated for specific health benefits. Here are just brief details of the various kinds of resistances that are available in the home rowers:

Air Resistance:

The air resistance is generated by the spinning of flywheels which exert a pressure back on you. When you pull the handle of the rower, it generates the resistance and the harder you row, the more powerful resistance you have to survive from these rowers. In these rowers, the resistance is controlled by adjusting the rowing speed and so there is no provision of any kind of knobs or buttons that are available with the other rowers to control the resistance speed. But in the modern rowers, there is a provision of levers that can help you to adjust the resistance speed that is offered by the rowers.

Water Resistance:

If you like to row in water, then these types of rowers are tailor made for you. It is amongst the newest of the rowers that is quite similar yet quite different from the air resistance rower. It is like a rowing machine placed inside a water tank that means you can also enjoy in water while rowing which is not possible with the other types of resistance based rowers. The other major advantage that these systems have over the air resistance rowers is that they generate minimal noise. The best part is that you can have the similar feel as if you are rowing in a river or lake or any other open water source.

Other Resistance Systems:

In addition to the above two resistance based rowers, there are also several other rowers for home fitness. In some of them, there is also the facility to adjust the resistance as per your choice to customize your fitness and work-out schedule in a better manner and obtain your workout goals.