How to Livestream Like a Boss

How to Livestream Like a Boss

If you’ve had a YouTube channel for a while, then you’ve heard about live streaming. Live streaming is when you host a live YouTube session instead of recording a video ahead of time and editing the content down to size. Viewers love live streaming sessions because they feel more true to life, and they can […]

What Do You Need Self Storage For

What Do You Need Self Storage For?

I guess this is a rather obvious question with an even more obvious answer but let me list a few things that you haven’t thought about before. Expensive equipment When I bought mining hardware to mine bitcoin and I went on holiday I didn’t want to leave all that expensive equipment at home as I […]

iPad Pros and Cons

In less than a decade, Apple’s iPad tablet has become a recognizable and ubiquitous piece of modern technology. If you are considering picking one up, you may have full hope that an iPad can replace your laptop or desktop because it is smaller and more portable. Depending on your needs, that may be the case. […]

The Reflection of Society in Media

Society is an interesting term. There can be a lot of different layers to that terms. A society can be a small local community or the American society as a whole. According to a society is a group of people who live together is some sort of ordered community. Society will share a multitude […]

How Can Instagram Help You as a Paediatrician?

With the rise in technology, social media sites are taking over so much of our lives than anything else doesn’t matter. Social media platforms started out as places where you can make friends and converse with other people. This has changed, and at the moment, businesses can use social media to connect with their clients […]

Top Small Business Trends for 2018

Do you run a small business? If so, then you need to understand the different moves that businesses around the world are making to stay successful. Some of the trends are in the starting phase, while others are already taking root. So, what should you expect during this year in terms of business operations and […]

How to Determine the Best Times to Post on Instagram

There are specific times when posting on Instagram comes with a lot of perks. These times are varied depending on various factors. Additionally, this time isn’t static for every user – which is why you need to come up with the best way that is tailored to your account. Let us look at the best […]

How to Leverage the Power of Instagram in Your Local Business

In just eight years, Instagram has grown from being nothing more than a photo-sharing app to the top social media marketing powerhouse. Many of the world’s major brands are on Instagram, and all for the right reasons. They get to promote their brand, build a following and have a one-on-one conversation with their followers. Over […]

Why You Need Virtual and Augmented Reality in Yoru Business

To many business owners, the concept of “creative destruction” provides a way to know their products better and helps them come up with better ways to serve their customers. However, the problem is that this concept comes with many tough decisions to take. In this age when technology rules every aspect of the business, change […]

Why You Need an Event Planner

Many people talk about finding the right event planner for their corporate events and forget about personal events as well. Just the way you take corporate events seriously is the same way you need to take your personal events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties seriously. Using an event planner is a necessity if […]